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Finding a parking spot has become a serious issue of every urban city nowadays. Constantly occupied existing ones and lack of available parking lots results in traffic jams. It is a frequent scenario to circle around in vain in order to find an empty spot, which, aside from inefficiency, causes an increase of environmental pollution. These situations have become a part of everyday lives in urban areas, and the consequences of constant stress may cause serious problems. Anxiety, irritability and anger while driving affect the quality of the ride itself, endanger others, jeopardizing our health as well.


GoPark app offers a solution enabling you to find free parking space quickly and easily despite the crowds. Imagine that every time you drive, you have an overview of available parking spots near you. GoPark can save you time, money and energy from now on, as you will be able to find out, in real time, the exact location of a vacant parking spot. The application is far more efficient than a simple search for a parking spot on your own. It will also save you from stress and frustration, as well as daily delays, additionally reducing fuel consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and protecting the environment.


Technology used

  • Java
  • Angular
  • HTML5
  • Sass
  • LoRaWAN Network