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Route planning without any optimization solution can greatly increase your company’s operating costs, often in the form of increased vehicle maintenance costs, or fuel and time loss due to drives longer than it’s necessary. Hiring new employees is also one of the difficulties employers face, since the training period may take up to several months. Businesses delivering goods face these problems on a daily basis. The above mentioned leads to efficiency decrease, money loss and increased level of stress, regularly.


Kolumbo allows you to find the most efficient route for given addresses on the map in no time. The application is designed to enable you to figure out your maps with ease. It offers a commercially acceptable and highly efficient solution. It reduces costs, increases efficiency, improves the output and modernizes business. It brings a number of benefits crucial for making your business more profitable, satisfying your customers and staying ahead of the competition.


Technology used

  • Angular
  • HTML5
  • Sass