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All projects that we have worked on had something in common: It was very difficult to have Document Version Control in Git and at the same time produce nice-looking, professional DOCX (MS Word) or PDF documents. For that purpose, we have used Pandoc´s Markdown to PDF conversion, however that is everything but a single click solution.

This is what triggered us to start the PuzzlesCloud project and simplify the life of many people facing the same issue.


Now, if you have the necessary content, you can produce high-quality documents with simple drag and drop in a couple of seconds. That way, content writing has been decoupled from documents output and release management, as well as from document design & look. With a simple DOCX template change, you can give old content a new fresh look.

PuzzlesCloud is a Git-based SaaS solution natively supporting the DevOps cycle in the DOCS area.

Our vision is very simple: Consider documents as software, keep Git as a source of truth for Document Version Control, review and approval process, implement Document Automation and deliver professional output docs.


Technology used

  • Java
  • Angular
  • HTML5
  • SCSS